Hi, I'm Fernanda. I'm a product manager and strategist.

I love crafting long term holistic product strategies and managing product development. I strive to create amazing digital products that delight and solve real user needs.

I joined Huge inc Rio in 2012 and have worked with teams in New York, Washington DC, San Francisco, London and Singapore. In 2016 I moved to work at Elephant New York.

My first foray into digital products was when I was 13 and I learned how to make websites with HTML. I used that knowledge to the most logical thing at the time and made a Backstreet Boys fansite. Since then, I've worked on slightly more prestigious projects with brands such as Rock in Rio, Itaú, Whirlpool, Enel, Coca-Cola, Credit Suisse and Apple.

I'm fascinated by fan culture and easily become obsessed with things. I love American comedy. My favorite band is Coldplay and I built the first Brazilian Coldplay fansite when I was 16. I'm a huge potterhead and my favorite characters are Snape and Lupin.

I think one of the best things the internet has done is bring access to basic and advanced education for free for anyone in the world. Currently I’m refreshing my math knowledge and going through middle and high school math with Khan Academy. I hope to one day work in the education industry.

I recently discovered I like writing and am trying to do more of it. I also love speaking and presenting in public.

Here is some of my writing and conference talks.

You can find me on LinkedIn, Twitter, Medium and Email.