Hi, I'm Fernanda. I'm a product manager and strategist.

I love crafting long term holistic product strategies and managing product development. I strive to create amazing digital products that delight and solve real user needs.

I joined Huge inc Rio in 2012 and have worked with teams in Washington DC, San Francisco, London and Singapore. In 2016 I moved to work at their HQ in Brooklyn.

My first foray into digital products was when I was 13 and I learned how to make websites with HTML. I used that knowledge to the most logical thing at the time and made a Backstreet Boys fansite. Since then, I've worked on slightly more prestigious projects with brands such as Rock in Rio, Itaú, Whirlpool, Enel, Coca-Cola, Credit Suisse and Apple.

I'm fascinated by fan culture and easily become obsessed with things. I love American comedy. My favorite band is Coldplay and I built the first Brazilian Coldplay fansite when I was 16. I'm a huge potterhead and my favorite characters are Snape and Lupin.

I've recently gotten into data analysis and am writing a series on Coldplay's 20 year on the road from a data perspective. You can read about it here.

I recently discovered I like writing and am trying to do more of it. I also love speaking and presenting in public.

Here is some of my writing and conference talks.

You can find me on LinkedIn, Twitter, Medium and Email.